Gregory White is an artist working at the intersection of art, music, and technology.

He attended the University of East Anglia where he received a First Class Honours degree in Music and Technology, specialising in Sonic Arts. After being introduced to coding by building his own digital instruments and interactive performances, Greg chose to study an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. 

There he learnt more about how code can be used as a creative tool in a range of sound- and image-based contexts, leading him to develop interests in emergent behaviour and procedural generation.

Greg’s latest work is concerned with chance-based music and how the decision-making processes of the improvising human performer can be represented algorithmically.

For more information on Gregory's work, to request a CV or inquire about employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch at gregcwbusiness (at) gmail (dot) com.

Got a job that needs doing?

Greg is available to hire for a range of jobs, including (in no particular order):

  • Music scoring and composition
  • Sound recording
  • Sound editing
  • Creative coding projects ( openFrameworks/C++, Processing/Java, Arduino, Max/MSP/Jitter)
  • Photography
  • Digital image post-processing and retouching
  • Video recording
  • Video editing
  • Lessons in any of the above

If you would like to inquire about work, please email gregcwbusiness (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the form above.


How to Perform Live Improvised Experimental Music
1st July 2018
Brighton Modular Meetup, Brighton

Practice // Process: Designing a Digital Presence
Works featured: White Noises
22nd February 2018
Possible Worlds, Ottawa

Guest Artist Lecture
Works featured: In C++
28th March 2017
Jukedeck Musical AI, London

Interfaces Monthly: Sound Art
With Yuri Suzuki, Tom Szirtes
Works featured: In C++
20th September 2016
Barbican Centre, London


Making Music With Chance And Randomness
June 2017

How To Survive Art School
October 2016

Queen Elizabeth's
Finishing With A Flourish
October 2016

Rhinegold Publishing
Goldsmiths Student Creates AI Version of In C
July 2016

Goldsmiths Online
'In C++' - Computing Student Builds AI Orchestra to Play Riley's 'In C'
July 2016

Arts Industry Magazine
Issue 319
July 2015


Works featured: In C++, In/Ex-terior
8th-11th September 2016
Goldsmiths, London

Light Moves Festival of Screendance
Works featured: Dance for Confined Space
19th-22nd November 2015
Limerick, Ireland

Works featured: In C++
10th-14th September 2015
Goldsmiths, London

Performance with New Technology
Works featured: Solo Snare
3rd-4th April 2014
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Sound Art
Works featured: Perception in Transitional Place
9th December 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Sound for Image
Works featured: Sound for Image, Image for Sound
1st May 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Selected Performances

Modular Synth Ambient
White Noises + couleurves
3rd April 2018
La Vitrola, Montreal

Not Normal 2
Solo modular synth performance
22nd March 2018
Black Squirrel, Ottawa

Not Normal
Solo modular synth performance
23rd November 2017
Black Squirrel, Ottawa

Latent Space
Solo modular synth performance for Jake Elwes' "Latent Space" projection generated by neural networks:
25th May 2017
Slade School of Fine Art, London

Sounding the Great Hall
23 solo artists - curated by Tom Mudd
8th February 2015
Goldsmiths, London

Percussion, Media Interface
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Simon Limbrick
3rd May 2014
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Sonic Arts Ensemble + Bill Thompson + Ian Spink
5th December 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

DIY Improvisation
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Rodrigo Constanzo
15th November 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Sonic Arts Ensemble + Ed Perkins + Apartment House
20th April 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Trance Map
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Evan Parker + Matt Wright
13th March 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper
Sonic Ensemble + Centre for Japanese Studies
12th March 2013
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Architectural Music
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Sound Kitchen + Sebastian Lexer + Diemo Schwarz
29th January 2013
The Forum, Norwich

Music and Film
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Aparment House
10th December 2012
Norwich Arts Centre

Cover Me Casio
Sonic Arts Ensemble + Kerry Yong
16th November 2012
University of East Anglia, Norwich

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