Gregory White


I am a musician, artist, and educator currently based in London, UK. My primary interests lie at the intersection of sound, arts, and ecology.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in using my creative practice to explore and interrogate ideas surrounding environment, ecology, and our relationship with/as nature.

My expertise in audio production covers conception to presentation, with skills spanning the recording and editing of professional quality audio assets, through to the design of adaptive music systems and the implementation of audio using middleware and custom tools built specifically for the project at hand.

Passionate about crafting professional interactive audio experiences, I’m currently working on a number of commissions earmarked for release in 2021/22. Previous projects which I’ve worked on include pieces for screensforest ecosystems, and the Royal Albert Hall

Alongside my experience as an associate lecturer and a drum workshop leader, I also run White Noises, an online educational resource aiming to broaden the awareness and understanding of experimental music and modular synthesisers. These topics are made approachable through tutorial videos on the White Noises YouTube channel. In the process I aim to help build a passionate and inclusive community of musicians who are as excited about sharing knowledge as they are about making music.

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