Gregory White

Video by Fallen Flag Studio

Eldest Souls

Music Editor and Mix Engineer
For Fallen Flag Studio
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Main Duties
Mixing music stems from composer Sergio Ronchetti
Creation of audio assets allowing for an adaptive score that responds to the player
Mastering finished tracks for PC and Nintendo Switch

Tools Used
Pro Tools

My Role

Working with composer and sound designer Sergio Ronchetti to mix and master the game's orchestral score.

Responsibilities included the creation of an orchestral mixing template, laying up all Pro Tools sessions, mixing and mastering audio stems in Pro Tools, creating audio assets to allow for dynamic composition in FMOD, and providing feedback on creative decisions within the score.


Best of Mix Live Showcase 2020

DreamHack Best Action Game 2020

TechRaptor Best of E3 2019 Nominee

EliteGamer Best Indie Game 2019 Gamescom Best of E3 2019

About the Project

Eldest Souls is a pixel-art adventure-RPG that combines the dark and mysterious worldbuilding of Souls-like games with the exciting and fast-paced action of boss-rush classics.

Players explore the vast forgotten Citadel in search of the Old Gods. The temple-prison contains a great deal of NPCs, quests, and mysteries. Encounters with the Old Gods will be…deadly. With fast-paced action and exciting combat, every instant counts. But fortune favours the bold, and defeating the Old Gods will grant the player powers beyond mortal comprehension.

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