Gregory White

Hampton Court Palace Installations

Composer's Assistant
For Historic Royal PalacesJames BulleyChomko&Rosier
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Main Duties
Assistant to composer James Bulley
Audio editing
Audio & video synchronisation 
Recording sessions
Score proofing and transcribing
Photo documentation

Tools Used
Pro Tools

My Role

A variety of responsibilities including the creation of multichannel audio files for reliable all-day playback, requiring detailed editing of audio material, and concatenation of audio and video files using command line tools.

Further duties included assisting James Bulley in mixing large-scale muti-room sound pieces on site, assisting studio recording sessions with actors and various historical instruments, and score-proofing and transcription.

About the Project

Working with sound artist/composer James Bulley, historical fiction author Imogen Robertson, and production studio Chomko & Rosier to create permanent audiovisual installations throughout Hampton Court Palace.

The installations bring Hampton Court Palace to life through the use of projection mapping, tactile interactives, and historically-accurate multichannel audio atmospheres and conversations that immerse the audience in the world of King Henry VIII. 

More information about the installations can be found here:

The Kitchens
Base Court

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