Gregory White

Video by Adam Heslop


For London Borough of Culture, James Bulley, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Erland Cooper
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Main Duties
Assistant to James Bulley (sound design and spatialisation)
On-site Installation

Tools Used
Ableton Live

My Role 

Working with James Bulley and the Marshmallow Laser Feast team to install and mix the work in Lloyd Park, Waltham Forest. 

This involved managing customised large-scale Ableton sessions for spatialisation of multichannel audio works synced with lighting choreography software, as well as being responsible for amplification systems and physical installation of speakers.

About the Project

Commissioned by London Borough of Culture and the Mayor of London.

NEST is an immersive sound and light sculpture created by Marshmallow Laser Feast with composer Erland Cooper. The installation consists of beams of light in a ring that create ever-evolving natural forms in the night sky. The lights are driven by a score composed by Cooper which draws together the local the community, Lloyd Park and its wildlife.

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