Gregory White

Video by Lusion

Turn of the Screw

Composer's Assistant
For Opera NorthJames Bulley, Lusion
Project Website

Main Duties
Assistant to composer James Bulley
Spatial audio recording methodology design
Studio and on-site recording sessions
Audio editing
Score proofing and transcribing 

Tools Used
Pro Tools
Ableton Live

My Role

Assisting composer and sound artist James Bulley in various musical, technological, and production aspects of the project. This involved the co-development of a proprietary technique for recording spatialised audio on-location, including the research, selection, and procurement of equipment, as well as assisting with the on-site recording session in Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Furthermore, duties included running studio recording sessions with various orchestral instruments, score-proofing and transcription, and detailed editing and mixing of spatialised audio material.

About the Project

Click here to experience.

An immersive online trailer for Opera North's production of Turn of the Screw by Benjamin Britten, made in collaboration between digital creative studio Lusion, composer and sound artist James Bulley, the University of York’s Audiolab and the Orchestra and Chorus of Opera North.

The trailer explores the creative possibilities for immersive storytelling made available by cutting-edge digital technology, combining music recorded using spatial audio techniques on location at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and interactive graphics to create a landscape of scenes that occur across dawn, day, dusk and night.

The trailer captures the haunting atmosphere of Britten’s opera, based on the 1898 psychological horror story by Henry James:

In a remote country house, the newly-appointed governess arrives to take charge of the orphaned Flora and Miles. She must fight to protect them from strange and menacing spirits. But are these apparitions real? What terrible evil occurred before her arrival?


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