Gregory White

White Noises

Educator & Content Creator
Project Website

Main Duties
Video scripting, filming, and editing
Synth-based composition and sound design
Research and comprehension of complex musical and technical concepts
Liaising with various synth companies for creation of sponsored content
Social media management and content creation

Tools Used
Premiere Pro
Ableton Live
Modular Synthesiser
DSLR cameras

My Role

All aspects of the production of educational video content about experimental music and modular synthesis. 

This begins with the selection and research of specific musical and technical concepts, which are then broken down to make more approachable to a wider audience.

Videos are then scripted and shot outlines created, before filming. Example synth patches and compositions which demonstrate the relevant ideas and techniques are created. 

Once the video and audio recording has been completed, they are then edited and polished with a variety of audio and video processing techniques.

Still images and short segments of the videos are also exported for social media promotion, particularly if the video has been created in partnership with a company.

About the Project

With White Noises, I aim to broaden the awareness and understanding of experimental music and modular synthesisers. These topics are made approachable through tutorial videos on the White Noises YouTube channel.

In the process I hope to help build a passionate and inclusive community of musicians who are as excited about sharing knowledge as they are about making music.

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